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Joint venture to build a High-Power-Charging (HPC) Network for electric vehicles starts operation
IONITY will implement and operate about 400 fast charging stations across European major thoroughfares by 2020
Build-up of 20 stations in multiple European countries starts already in 2017
A charging capacity of up to 350 kW enables a significantly reduced charging time when compared to existing systems
Multi-brand compatibility with current and future generations of electric vehicles through Combined Charging System (CCS)

BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company and the Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche today announced joint venture IONITY that will develop and implement a High-Power Charging (HPC) network for electric vehicles across Europe.
Launching approximately 400 HPC stations by 2020, IONITY will make long-distance journeys easier and marks an important step for electric vehicles. Based in Munich, Germany, the joint venture is led by Chief Executive Officer Michael Hajesch and Chief Operating Officer Marcus Groll, with a growing team, set to number 50 by the start of 2018.
“The first pan-European HPC network plays an essential role in establishing a market for electric vehicles. IONITY will deliver our common goal of providing customers with fast charging and digital payment capability, to facilitate long-distance travel,” said Hajesch.
Creation of 20 charging stations starting in 2017
A total of 20 stations will be opened to the public this year, located on major roads in Germany, Norway and Austria, at intervals of 120 km, through partnerships with “Tank & Rast”, “Circle K” and “OMV”. Through 2018, the network will expand to more than 100 stations, each one enabling multiple customers, driving different manufacturer cars, to charge their vehicles simultaneously.
With a capacity of up to 350 kW per charging point, the network will use the European charging standard Combined Charging System to significantly reduce charging times compared to existing systems. The brand-agnostic approach and Europe-wide distribution is expected to help make electrified vehicles more appealing.
Choosing the best locations takes into account potential integration with existing charging technologies and IONITY is negotiating with existing infrastructure initiatives, including those supported by the participating companies as well as political institutions. The investment underlines the commitment that the participating manufacturers are making in electric vehicles and relies on international co-operation across the industry.
The founding partners, BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company and the Volkswagen Group, have equal shares in the joint venture, while other automotive manufacturers are invited to help expand the network.
For more information, please go to:

BMW Group
Saskia Eßbauer
+49 89 382 183 64

Volkswagen Group
Andreas Brozat
+49 5361 9 433 18

Ford Motor Company
Monika Wagener
+49 241 942 12 12

Porsche AG
Matthias Rauter
+49 711 911 243 32

Daimler AG
Madeleine Herdlitschka
+49 711 17 764 09

Moritz Drechsel
+49 841 89 39914
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