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Putting Hybrids on the Road

Ford Lincoln News From Eby Ford Lincoln of Elkhart County, IN - With over 100 patent applications in progress, two full hybrid vehicles introduced and three more on the way, we're committed to leading the way in defining the American Hybrid.

As we work to put hybrid vehicles on the road that deliver the fuel-efficiency you'd expect without compromising comfort, room or performance, we've developed cutting-edge hybrid technologies.

Full Hybrid Technology
For the world's first sport hybrid sport utility vehicle, we developed "full hybrid technology." With this system, the vehicle can operate on the electric motor alone, the gasoline engine alone or both together. Unlike other "mild" hybrid vehicles, full hybrids can run exclusively on electric mode during slower speeds and do not need to engage the internal combustion engine as long as there is enough power stored in the battery.

This use of the innovative "full hybrid technology" helps emit 81% less smog-forming emissions and delivers between 400 and 500 miles of travel on a tank of gas.*

Regenerative Braking
The regenerative braking function reclaims energy that would otherwise be lost as heat, storing it in the 330-volt, air-cooled battery pack for the next acceleration, passing maneuver or hill climb.

When the driver comes to rest at a traffic light, the engine is automatically switched off to save fuel. When the accelerator is applied, the electric motor provides low-end torque, revving up the acceleration power.

eCVT Transmission
The electronically controlled, continuously variable transmission (eCVT) blends the low-end torque of the electric motor and the gasoline engine's increased torque at high rpms for seamless acceleration from a full stop to cruising speed.

*Emissions estimate compares with the automatic transmission version of the 2.3L Escape and Mariner gasoline engines certified to California standards. Escape Hybrid EPA estimated 36 city/31 hwy mpg, front-wheel drive. Your actual mileage will vary depending on your driving habits.

Made in America with many U.S.-sourced parts.
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