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Come to Eby Ford to see quality used trucks for sale near Elkhart, Indiana. Of all of the Elkhart dealerships, we will work the hardest to earn your trust. We are here to help. Here are several driving tips to help you out.

*Obey Traffic Rules

Always obey the traffic rules when driving. When you first get a car, it can be tempting to go a little crazy. But for safety reasons, make sure you are always obeying traffic rules.

*Slow Down

Drivers these days tend to drive very fast. Make sure to slow down. When you drive a few miles under the speed limit, you will be a much safer driver, and your chance of an accident goes down.

*Don’t Text

Do not text and drive. Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of accidents these days. You don't want to put your safety at risk. Put down the phone.

*Wear Your Seat Belt

Always wear your seatbelt. Sometimes drivers get tempted when they are taking short drives not to wear their seatbelts. This can be very dangerous. Your chances of surviving an accident go up dramatically if you always wear your seatbelt.

*Don’t Tailgate

Make sure not to tailgate the driver in front of you. Often times when you are following the car ahead of you too closely, an accident can occur. Always leave a reasonable amount of space between you and other cars.

*Be Prepared

You should always be prepared to be stranded in your automobile. It is a good idea to have an emergency kit, extra food and water, flares, and an emergency blanket. The more prepared you are, the safer you will feel.

*Watch The Weather

It is a good idea before you head out for a drive to double-check the weather. If you get into a bad weather situation, that can be the cause of an accident. Prepare yourself for all weather conditions by checking the weather before you leave.

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