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The 2020 Ford Ranger provides 3 Performance Packages to choose from at your local Eby Ford of Goshen, Indiana Ford dealership. Enhance your off-road experience and go further than ever before with the 2020 Ford Ranger for sale near you.

Tackle New Terrain

Feel the power of the EcoBoost® as you conquer new terrain. The high-strength steel frame, off-road chassis, and steel frame-mounted bumpers keep you on track as you explore like never before.

Available 2020 Ranger Models

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Ranger For Sale

When searching for a mid-size truck that can provide you with the versatility you require, Eby Ford is an excellent dealership to choose from. Our Ford Ranger for sale is the mid-size truck you have been looking for. These products of the Ford Motor Company feature the toughness and tradition of America. Ford has produced the best-selling line of pickups with the Ford F-series, so you know that they can be trusted as your truck manufacturer. They have even built the best selling car in America over the previous 30 years, the full-sized F-150. The 2021 Ford Ranger starts at below $25,000 for the prospective buyers interested in what Eby Ford has to offer. The Ford Ranger is a reasonably fuel-efficiency option for commuters who need a versatile tool. It provides 21 miles per gallon on city streets and 26 miles per gallon on the highway. Our Ford Rangers for sale are also able to perform light towing jobs. The Ford Ranger towing capacity goes up to 7,500lbs.Additional or different specifications will be required by buyers who wish to tow more than this. There are various Ford Ranger engine choices that will allow you to find the optimum Ford Ranger. These engine choices vary between diesel and gasoline. A highlight of the Ford Ranger is that it has top-rated torque output among gasoline engines. This mid-size truck is able to handle enough for many prospective buyers, but for those who need more, there are diesel optimizations. A diesel engine will boost the torque output of your vehicle but may sacrifice horsepower. Torque is the work done by the pickup in the direction of acceleration, and horsepower is the ability to accelerate/hit top speeds. Eby Ford, your Goshen car dealer, is able to offer the comprehensive services required to get back on the road. You can experience our trucks for sale near you when visiting our dealership in person.

Truck Dealer Near You

The trucks for sale near you can be found on Eby Ford’s lot with the assistance of our representatives. One of these associates will offer a guided tour where they can assist in the decision-making process. They will inquire about your intentions in an effort to narrow down possible options. For instance, if you are interested in off-roading, consult with our representative. Our Ford Rangers for sale make excellent vehicles off the road, but they require some optimization. You will want to ensure you acquire a Ford 4x4 truck that can power through soft terrain. Ford 4x4 provides all-wheel-drive functionality, which powers each tire separately. When you encounter soft terrain and part of your car becomes stuck, the other tires can come to the rescue.The Ford Rangers available on our lot come in a diverse set of colors for the different aesthetic tastes of our customers. Our Ford dealer near you will provide a detailed inspection of these models after you have discovered the appropriate purposes. The inspection begins with the exterior, where you will begin with color. After the color, you will want to assess the body kit, accessories, and cargo space the model provides. The interior inspection will then follow. It is where you will judge comfortability, passenger space, and amenities. If any of these features are not up to par, consult with our associate about available trim levels. The Ford Ranger also has three levels within their performance package. Each one will upgrade the capabilities of your Ford Ranger. They will also include safety features and aesthetics. Our trucks for sale near you can accommodate many prospective buyers, simply visit Eby Ford.

Goshen Car Dealer

If you are unable to visit our dealership because of the unprecedented times we live in, Eby Ford is able to help. We have brought the comprehensive assistance of Eby Ford to the virtual realm to protect our buyers. We understand that it can be difficult enough getting back on the road without a pandemic, which is why our remote services can be found from home. Our virtual showroom will help prospective buyers find the model that suits their purposes. With easy-to-use filtration technology, prospective buyers can locate their ideal model.Once you have found a Ford Ranger that is enticing, you can move on to the individual page. Our Goshen car dealer substitutes our inspection process, normally conducted in person, with the individual pages. They provide prospective buyers with photographs and information needed to reconcile a purchase. If you would like to advance with your purchase online, you can move on to our website’s financing section. Prospective buyers can find the detailed information they need to begin pre-approval remote from this section. Our dealership is dedicated to assisting buyers when they need help getting back on the road. Be sure to visit us in person or online when searching for a Ford Ranger near you.
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